A 'Silent Space Version' of Gravity to launch in February

A 'Silent Space Version' of Gravity to launch in February

Sans award-winning score

Space travel movie news takes a break from 'Interstellar' and revisits Alfonso Cuarón’s Academy Award winner, 'Gravity'

Warner Bros is releasing a new version of the Gravity Blu-ray DVD, entitled the 'Diamond Luxe Edition'. Not only will the new set feature three brand new bonus items, and Dolby Atmos audio technology, but it will also give you the option to watch the 'Silent Space Version' of the film as well, in order to, "experience the film without music for a surprising cinematic experiment."

To some it might seem crazy to remove Steven Price's Academy Award winning score from the film, but curiosity will get the better of fans, no doubt, once it is released next February.

Considering that Cuarón adhered to the 'as in space' rule and relegated all sound to inside the astronauts' suits, and the spacecrafts, an altogether silent version could perhaps make it monumentally more unnerving.