George Clooney and Joanna Lumley make their Downton Abbey debut

George Clooney and Joanna Lumley make their Downton Abbey debut

The most honourable George Oceans Gravity

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A 9-minute episode of Downton Abbey featuring a pop-up, one-off cast including George Clooney, Joanna Lumley and Mr. Selfridge has debuted as part of the UK TV fundraiser 'Text Santa'...

The hilarious, tongue-in-cheek 9-minute-long episode sees Downton Abbey's award-winning cast alongside some surprise guest visitors including A-list actor George Clooney, Joanna Lumley and the Mr. Selfridge character from the hit TV series of the same name.

Lumley appears as an "angel darling", who takes Downton Abbey's Earl of Grantham through a "what if" series of events, much like the classic Christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life. The satire sees Mr. Selfridge in bedroom, much to the Earl of Grantham's shock, who exclaims "A trademan, inside a bedroom?!" With Mr. Selfridge himself noting that "Come, come Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge should not be quarreling – after all we are on the same channel!" Referring to the fact that ITV, who are behind the 'Text Santa' campaign, both screen and fund the two hit TV series.

Clooney appears 'the most honourable George Oceans Gravity' – a hilarious nod to Clooney's blockbuster films, and the 'marquis of Hollywood', the countesses husband, in place of Mr. Crawley.

"Lord Hollywood" one of the most celebrated Downton Abbey characters – the Dowager Countess of Grantham – exclaims, "tell me, does your family have a coat of arms?"

The 9-minute Downton Abbey episode is part of the UK TV fundraiser 'Text Santa' which supports many U.K-based cancer and children's charities.  

Watch it in full, below now:

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