George Clooney to make appearance in Downton Abbey

George Clooney to make appearance in Downton Abbey

For charity

Video: Youtube

A spokesperson for ITV has confirmed that A-list actor George Clooney will feature in a special Downton Abbey episode

Clooney will reportedly play a wedding guest in the special, which will air at Christmas. He is said to have struck up a friendship with Hugh Bonneville, who stars as Downton's patriarch Robert Crawley, while filming The Monuments Men together.  

The purpose for Clooney's appearance in the immensley popular British period drama TV series is to promote a charity – namely the ITV charity Text Santa, an annual fundraiser which raises money for U.K. charities during the Christmas season.  

The special episode will air at Christmas time. Watch the season 5 official trailer below, and get excited:

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