Watch now: Batman prequel TV series 'Gotham'

Watch now: Batman prequel TV series 'Gotham'

Starring Ben McKenzie

Video: YouTube

Fox Network has recently unveiled the first official trailer for its new television series, 'Gotham', a show that will follow the adventures of a young Commissioner Gordon

American network Fox has announced that it has credited Ben McKenzie – formerly Ryan from The OC – to play the main character of its new crime-drama TV series, Gotham.

Warner Bros. Television is producing the highly-anticipated programme which follows the career of future Batman police commissioner James Gordon (McKenzie) and a  young Bruce Wayne. The show will also include the untold tales of DC Comics many villains, as well as introduce a new character 'Fish Mooney', played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

The series will allow Batman fans to look into the superhero's life from a different perspective and into the world of other essential characters in the Batman saga.

Watch the Gotham trailer below now: 

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