Watch now: What if Wes Anderson made Forrest Gump?

Watch now: What if Wes Anderson made Forrest Gump?

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Video: Vimeo
Image: Salon
Image: I Am Turbo

If filmmaker Wes Anderson produced Forrest Gump, it would look a little like this...

With a signature style and recognisable vision, filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for his boxy shots, quirky adaptations, not to mention that orange typography.

Creating his own version to the opening credits of the 1994 classic – Forrest Gump, Vimeo user Louis Paquet has done something quite special in this short video shown below.

Featuring a deconstructed series of shots, the focus is on the object and its placement in the shot, embodying the American film by motif; this clever rendition is an interesting Wes Anderson-inspired piece based on the original by Robert Zemeckis.

You can watch the video below, now:

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