Watch now: An exclusive first look at the newest star of Fast & Furious 7 – Abu Dhabi

Watch now: An exclusive first look at the newest star of Fast & Furious 7 – Abu Dhabi

Behind-the-scenes on location in the UAE capital

Take a look at the new exclusive first look behind-the-scenes of the new 'Fast & Furious 7' film on location in Abu Dhabi. The featurette showcases Abu Dhabi's rich and diverse landscapes from iconic towers to stunning natural desert – the perfect backdrop for some high octane supercar action...

The UAE has been let in on an exclusive first look at a featurette from Fast & Furious 7 on location in Abu Dhabi, thanks to TwoFour54. The production company, which is a regional film hub, got the scoop on this preview six hours before the rest of the world.

The exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette showcases the best locations in Abu Dhabi and contains exclusive interviews with the cast and crew who are irrepressibly delighted by the experience of filming in Abu Dhabi. Locations included the new roads through the backdrop of the Liwa Desert, as well as locations within the city including the opulent Emirates Palace. 

The move to shoot in Abu Dhabi was an easy one to reach, with so many car enthusiasts and more super car owners per capita than most major cities, the UAE capital was a no-brainer for the latest film. 

The blockbuster world premiere is set to take place in Los Angeles on April 1 and will surely be a star studded event as the film's stars such as Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris are set to attend. 

Enjoy the video below: 

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