A film exploring Elvis Presley's twin: 'The Identical'

A film exploring Elvis Presley's twin: 'The Identical'

Out September 5

This September 'The Identical' will launch in cinemas worldwide – exploring the myth of the twin brother of Elvis Presley

What if Elvis Presley's identical twin brother had not been delivered stillborn? What if, indeed, he had been secretly adopted and raised by another family, with 'The King' ever knowing? Would he grow up and achieve fame and fortune as an incredible Elvis Presley imitator for example? That's just what scriptwriter Howie Klausner and director Dustin Marcellino explore with The Identical...

Blake Rayne takes on the role of two identical twin brothers (both played by Rayne) who are separated at birth during the Great Depression. Their parents (Brian Geraghty, Amanda Crew) cannot to afford to provide for both, so one is adopted by loving family. Despite their very different upbringings, the boys' shared passion for music causes their lives to unknowingly collide as they experience a powerful and mysterious connection often felt by twins.

One of the boys becomes the most famous rock 'n' roll legend in the world, Drexel Hemsley (based on Elvis), while Ryan Wade struggles to find balance between his love for music and trying to please his evangelist father (Ray Liotta) and his devoted mother (Ashley Judd) who have very different plans for his life in the ministry.

Watch the trailer below now:

The Identical will be out in theatres from September 9.