Eddie Redmayne stuns in The Danish Girl

Movie opens in November

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Eddie Redmayne is a safe bet for another Oscar following his performing in this highly anticipated film

He's already won an Oscar this year for his standout performance in The Theory of Everything and by the looks of it, Eddie Redmayne is already creating another Oscar-buzz with his portrayal of transgender pioneer Lli Elbe.

Director Tom Hooper revelead in an interview why he chose Redmayne to play the lead role, saying: "I was a great believer in him as an actor. I think also there’s a certain gender fluidity that I sensed in him, that I found intriguing and it led me to think he might be a really interesting person to cast in this role. I felt that there was something in him that was drawn to the feminine. That was something that I felt he might be interested to explore further.”

By the looks of it, Hooper was spot on in his casting choice.