\"She has an enigma to her.\" – David Walliams on why he cast Kate Moss for new TV series

"She has an enigma to her." – David Walliams on why he cast Kate Moss for new TV series

'The Boy in the Dress'

Fashion icons Kate Moss and Vogue are set to make cameo appearances in the TV adaptation of David Walliams' children's story 'The Boy In The Dress'...

Kate Moss will feature in a new TV adaptation of David Walliams' children’s story for BBC 1. After her successful appearance on Channel 4's Gogglebox in aid of Stand Up for Cancer earlier this year, Moss is heading back to the small screen. This time for a cameo role in the TV adaptation of her friend Walliams’ children’s book The Boy In The Dress, over the festive season. 

She has an enigma to her

The British author and comedian chose the 40-year-old supermodel as the “dream girl” that catches the eye of his lead character, young Dennis (played by actor Billy Kennedy) and Vogue as the publication where he spots her. 

"It's rare that you become iconic in your own lifetime. Fashion is niche – it doesn't touch everyone's life in the way that something like music can, but Kate is iconic to everybody and people are fascinated by her," he enthused. "She has an enigma to her. You don't know much about her but you know she's always having fun and you want to have fun with her.” Williams told Vogue.

She has an enigma to her

Walliams who made a name for himself in catchphrase comedy has gone on to become one of the UK’s top five selling children's authors. He himself is married to Dutch supermodel Lara Stone and it is understood that Walliams and Moss are great friends, he has even written a children story for Lila, Moss’s daughter. This modern story is close to Walliams’ heart who was moved to tears during filming. A dedicated lover of fashion Walliams is proud to see this “challenging” story embraced by so many.

"The little boy, Dennis, finds his life boring – he wants to live in a different world – and so he walks to the newsagents and is drawn to the cover of Vogue magazine, it couldn't have been anything else, Vogue is so iconic. As Dennis walks towards the shelf, Kate –  on the cover – omes to life in a dream sequence and she starts talking to him. It really reflects my own love of Vogue and all things fashion.” Williams told Vogue.