Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift to make a cameo in 'Girls'

Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift to make a cameo in 'Girls'

If the rumours are true...

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Reports circulate that there will be two famous faces joining the cast of 'Girls' next season

Taylor Swift has plenty of A-list friends and it would seem that her bond with the Girls TV series creator Lena Dunham may have won her a part in the hit show. Swift is said to be making a cameo on the comedy series soon, and will be joined by Cara Delevingne - whether the rumours are true, or if the stars will feature in a cameo together, is yet to be confirmed.

The girls would be joining a slew of famous faces who have appeared in the show, including  J.Crew's Jenny Lyons, comedian Chris O'Dowd, and veteran actor Richard E. Grant. 

There was speculation that Victoria Beckham would guest star in the same series for season three - a rumour that amounted to nothing. PR ploy, gossip or real leak? Only time will tell...

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