Cara Delevingne confirmed for Warner Bros 'Suicide Squad'

Cara Delevingne confirmed for Warner Bros 'Suicide Squad'

Joker model turns joker actress

Editor: Buro 24/7

The movie's plot is based on the DC comic-book series of the same name, which tells the tale of a group of anti-heroes who are employed by the US government to assist with special missions, in order to have their own prison sentences reduced...

Buro 24/7 reported at the end of October on rumours, that said that Delevingne was set to star in the upcoming DC Comics film. The rumours started after the model posted a picture to her Instagram page, featuring a cartoon version of her as The Joker in female form (pictured above). This week, the rumours have been confirmed: The multi-talented 22-year-old will join the cast of the upcoming Warner Bros' super-villain film, Suicide Squad

Lagerfeld's muse and the Reincarnation star will feature in the upcoming movie and play the magical villain 'Enchantress'. Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jared Leto – who will take the lead role of The Joker – will also star, and the film is said to be released in 2016.  

Delevingne is set to star in an impressive five films come 2015: Tulip FeverLondon FieldsKids In LovePan; and Paper Towns.