A new 'Bill & Ted' sequel now in the works

A new 'Bill & Ted' sequel now in the works

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves to reunite

It seems as though Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted "Theodore" Logan will be returning to the big screen with the third sequel to the 1989 sci-fi comedy 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'

With no time and date on the new film revealed yet, Alex Winter (Bill), who is currently promoting his new film Grand Piano, commented in regard to Bill & Ted's surprise return, "Bill & Ted will be 40-something and it's all about Bill and Ted grown up, or not grown up," Winter revealed...

"It's really sweet and really funny. But it's a Bill & Ted movie, that's what it is. It's for the fans of Bill & Ted. It fits very neatly in the series. It's not going to feel like a reboot. The conceit is really funny: What if you're middle-aged, haven't really grown up and you're supposed to have saved the world and maybe, just maybe, you kinda haven't?"

  • Apparently, Alex Winter, Matrix star Keanu Reeves, and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have all remained friends since the first film, with the idea for the sequal sprouting about four year ago. And according to a source they've been slowly working and drafting a script for the film ever since, and are now adding the finishing touches.  Buro 24/7 will keep you posted!


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