Amy Schumer to play Barbie

Amy Schumer to play Barbie

The blonde is going to Barbieland

Text: Shannon Wylie

Barbie is coming to the big screen and you'll never believe who is set to play the role of the blonde protagonist...

It's official. Amy Schumer is set to play Barbie in a new feature film about the toy doll. The project was first announced by Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014, when Mattel — Barbie's manufacturer — sold them the rights to the movie. Now, it's been revealed that Schumer will take the lead role in the reimaging of Barbie and her world.

In a bid to shift the image of Barbie's seemingly unrealistic proportions, the movie will see American comedian-turned-actress leave Barbieland in pursuit of less-leggy ideals before returning to rescue her friends from the same fate. After all, Mattel have been creating Barbie's of different heights, complexions, skin and hair colour for almost a decade now.

Barbie is set for release in the summer of 2018. Until then, discover how Net-a-Porter sold $219k in Karl Lagerfeld Barbie dolls.

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