Tinkah's patriotic UAE celebrations

Tinkah's patriotic UAE celebrations

Highlighting key creative achievements

Image: Tinkah

Join Buro 24/7 in a brief reflection of creative collaborator Tinkah's exciting National Day celebrations...

Tinkah is an organisation that represents unique expressions by artists, designers and thinkers of the region, founded by Reem Alghaith , Kholoud Sharafi , Abeer Tahlak, and Joshua Cox.

In the sprit of UAE National Day recently, Tinkah was challenged to portray the "happiest nation" as part of a huge celebratory display put on in the city of Dubai. In doing so, it highlighted different achievements and developments, the people of the country and its leaders over the past 42 years, maintaining the importance a sense of unity and its positive effects on this nation....  

The company was responsible for developing the overall concept and content development of the show, plus helping in terms of research and sourcing historical footage for some acts.

Tinkah took the spirit of the UAE being deemed the happiest Arab country in the World poll carried out by Ipsos MORI recently. This then led to creative collaborations that saw marketing collateral increase across the region, and work with three locally based firms to raise their profile too. 

Tinkah's Patriotic Celebrations

Concept & Content Development: Tinkah, JBM, & Mohammed Saeed Harib

Branding & Marketing Applications: Tinkah

Show Director: Mohammed Saeed Harib

Event Producer: JBM 

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