British graffiti artist, INSA, creates GIF mural from space

British graffiti artist, INSA, creates GIF mural from space

Street-art turns space-art

The British graffiti mural artist INSA has outdone himself with a new graffiti mural GIF in Brazil, photographed from space. Take a look at how the innovate art was created and enjoy the super cool result here...

British artist INSA is known for blurring the lines between tangible art and digital online art. His new project is an impressive space GIF, painted in Brazil and photographed from space. As a lover of graffiti he has said: “graffiti was everything I wanted art to be.” He fuses this passion with an innovative approach to creating graffiti GIF’s, giving graffiti a new ability to be created specifically for the online space. 

The GIF-ITI murals, are made by creating an entire mural of graffiti art, photographing it, and then entirely repainting it on the same location, in a new frame, and so on, until a stop-motion sequence has been captured. The effect is fantastic, but INSA wanted to kick-up this graffiti GIF technique to a new level – space: “I’m fascinated with the idea of creating art from space.”

Using the same principle, of creating a mural, this time on tarmac (and on a huge scale) INSA was taking his stills images from a satellite in space this time. He repainted four different murals over the course of four days, and compiled the four images from the satellite to create his space based GIF. The effect is superb, take a look below: