Art Dubai 2014: The art in Cartier

Art Dubai 2014: The art in Cartier

A look back at Cartier's history with the fair

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Buro 24/7 Middle East looks back at Cartier’s key involvement in Art Dubai in recent years, ahead of its exhibition reveal this week

Following on from Maison Cartier's introduction to Art Dubai with its Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain exhibition in 2011, the 'King of Jewellers' officially joined the fair as a headline sponsor over two years ago, revealing 'Cartier Naturellement', a unique high jewellery exhibition never seen before in the region.

As a house that is seen to often channel nature, and motifs derived from nature, the call of the wild became a hallmark of the jeweller from the turn of the twentieth century. Fast forward over a century and this exhibit was reimagined by the artist Christophe Ponceau, inhabited by dazzling animals, flowers and rare substances that were used to evoke fur, flowers, feathers and twinkling eyes; a magical menagerie under a conservatory of light.

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The Cartier Naturellement exhibit in 2012

Also as part of the year's presentation was 'Aquarium', a mobile of precious stones by the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, staged in the same enchanted setting.

Internationally renowned for her paintings and collages, Milhazes was commissioned by the Fondation Cartier to create an artwork inspired by the maison's collection of precious stones. She imagined a singular work, a mobile made of pearls, precious and semi-precious gems and pearls.

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Beatriz Milhazes

Last year, Cartier presented 'Le Visage Archaïque', a stunning collection of unique high jewellery creations illuminating the imagined contours of one of Paris' most prestigious streets, the rue de la Paix, and in particular, number 13: the historic address of the Maison Cartier.
Strolling down this reinvented street, visitors were able to marvel at the jewels nestling in showcases and discover, at a series of exclusive salons, the design and manufacturing secrets that make Cartier unique. 

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Le Visage Archaïque

For 2014, Cartier and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain are set to host a unique exhibition presenting its 'L'Odyssée de Cartier' jewellery collection alongside works of art. Designed in a unique urban environement, Cartier pour l'art Contemporain will present 'Maman Isek Mabo Bendele', created by African artist Bodys Isek Kingelez.


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Alongside the creative talents of Kingelez, the house has created a total of two imaginary cities contrasted with beauty and global diversity which depicts “L’Odyssée de Cartier” collection…

Art Dubai runs from March 19–22, discover Buro 24/7 Middle East's definitive guide to the fair, here.