Retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

Retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

His top five movies of all time

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As the legendary actor turns 50, Buro 24/7 reflects on the star's best film titles to date

Setting aside his modern fairytale family with Angelina Jolie and modelling projects fronting Chanel No.5 (and generally making hearts melt across the globe) the world's original mainstream Hollywood heartthrob turns 50 today.  

Buro 24/7 celebrates the milestone by focusing on a different 'five' – the film titles that made the actor's career...


1. Se7en, 1995

A retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

The film that put Brad Pitt on the map. 12 Monkeys had already come out, however Se7en solidified the fact that Pitt was an actor to be taken seriously. It proved that he was capable of handling layered roles and nailing hard-hitting scenes.


2. Fight Club, 1999

A retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

Fight Club raises many issues concerning the contemporary world, a search for your true identity where everything is a copy of a copy. Far deeper than just guys fighting each other, there is considerable dark humour and the cinematography is outstanding. Pitt describes the film as "a metaphor for the need to push through the walls we put around ourselves and just go for it, so for the first time we can experience the pain."


3. Moneyball, 2011

A retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

Pitt gives an unexpectedly brilliant performance that subtly captures the character of Bill Beane, making him feel genuine in this award-winning movie.


4. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, 2007

A retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

Playing the character of Jesse James flawlessly, Pitt is simply fascinating to watch in this film, bringing an unpredictable element to the lead role.


5. 12 Monkeys, 1995

A retrospective: Brad Pitt turns 50 today

Arguably one of the best films Pitt has ever made, Pitt steals every scene he's in. With an off-the-wall performance the actor risks taking it a step too far, however succeeds in pushing 'unbalanced' as far as it can go without being indulgent. One of his best performances, deserving of an Oscar nomination that year.

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