Yves Saint Laurent's 'Morrocan Passion' by Pierre Bergé

Yves Saint Laurent's 'Morrocan Passion' by Pierre Bergé

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A striking book covering Yves Saint Laurent's life and times in Morocco is in the works for release in September, written by his close friend Pierre Bergé

There's certainly no shortage of media attention and coverage on the life and times of Yves Saint Laurent, and now – to coincide with the release of another official upcoming film – a new book is set to launch by Pierre Bergé, a close friend and colleague of the designer, who has written about the designer's life in Morocco. 

Her stories cover the time they spent together in Marrakech, combined with hundreds of black-and-white photos and drawings by Saint Laurent. They lived in Africa for several years, starting in the 80s, where he admired the scenery and Morocco lifestyle and got inspired. Beautiful.