Book of the week: Winners and How They Succeed

Book of the week: Winners and How They Succeed

By Alastair Campbell

Ever wondered how Richard Branson managed to create and grow one of the world's most well known brands, or how Anna Wintour has held her position at the top-spot, running one of the world's most iconic fashion publications? Alastair Campbell breaks it all down in his new book – 'Winners: And How They Succeed'

Alastair Campbell is best known as the political spin-doctor for British Prime Minster Tony Blair's Labour government, serving as director of communications and strategy for Blair and helping him win three elections. From journalistic beginnings, Campbell has eight published books in his credits and his new offering Winners: And How They Succeed promises to be the new "Blueprint for winning we can all follow."

Speaking from relative experience, Campbell draws on his awareness of the mindset of high achievers, not only is he a high achiever himself, but he in the rare position of knowing many of the world's most successful figures in business and sport personally. The likes of Richard Branson, José Mourinho and Anna Wintour were interviewed and share their own key models of success. 

It might come as no surprise that hard work and a sheer determination to win is a fairly consistent attribute in these people, but Campbell provides deeper insights into the boldness and focus that has brought these figures so far in their professional goals. 

Campbell boils it down to his own devised acronym OST – which stands for Objective, Strategy, Tactics, a sort of three step mantra that he proposes as the fail safe path to success. Other star names profiled and featured in the book include; Nelson Mandela, Warren Buffett, Arianna Huffington, Clive Woodward, Bill Gates, Alex Ferguson and even the Queen, to name a few more. 

Winners: And How They Succeed is available online and a various retail outlets now

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