Tommy Hilfiger's American Dreamer

Tommy Hilfiger's American Dreamer

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Tommy Hilfiger sheds light on his life, his brand and how he became one of the world's most influential designers in a new yet-to-be released book...

A man who started with a small clothing store in New York in the 1970's has gone on to now own one of the world's most famous clothing brands, Tommy Hilfiger. Thirty years on Hilfiger takes the time to sit down and put his life story into words. American Dreamer the yet-to-be published book by the man himself is a biography-business inspired must-read.

Hilfiger not only reveals details about his life but will also reveal how he built a multi-million dirham brand from scratch with the hope to inspire his readers and fellow business owners. "It's interesting also because I describe how I built the brand," explains the designer. "A lot of people who are building brands, whether they're fashion brands or other brands, could learn a lot from the way we did it. And I had a lot of help from a lot of incredible people. I mean the best in the business, so I think that will be a learning tool for certain people," continued Hilfiger. 

American Dreamer by Tommy Hillfiger will be available from October, 2016. 

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