Book of the Week: Rapper's Delight – The Hip Hop Cookbook

Book of the Week: Rapper's Delight – The Hip Hop Cookbook

Food for the soul

Food and music – two things that people can’t live without, stimulating Joseph Inniss, Peter Stadden and Ralph Miller to create a cookbook that holds 30 unique hip-hop inspired recipes

Hip hop and food have always had a deep intertwined history. Together the genre has inspired many tracks by numerous artists inspired by culinary delights, such as A Tribe Called Quest's Ham 'N' Eggs, and Nas's Fried Chicken song. Keeping that in mind, this new cookbook pays tribute to the music, culture and creativity of the hip hop industry.

Rapper's Delight: The Hip Hop Cookbook – which is available to purchase on Amazon  features thirty recipes inspired by the most renowned hip-hop artists of today, with each recipe accompanied by exclusive artworks created by the authors favourite illustrators. The dishes range from delicious desserts such as Tiramisu Elliot to tasty main courses like Ludacrispy Duck with Ho-Sin Sauce and Wu-Tang Clam Chowder.  

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