Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' is on track to be the world's best-selling memoir

Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' is on track to be the world's best-selling memoir


Text: Maddison Glendinning

Michelle Obama's memoir is making serious waves in the publishing industry. Here's why...

Michelle Obama released her memoir Becoming in November of last year to great fanfare, and the enthusiasm for the title is nowhere near over. 

In fact, there's been so many copies sold of the book that it's on track to become the best-selling memoir of all time. So far, it has sold over 10 million copies globally (this includes physical books as well as e-books and audiobooks). According to Penguin Random House's CEO Markus Dohle, this is an incredibly rare occurrence. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal he said, "I'm not aware, in my personal experience with Penguin Random House, that we have ever sold 10 million units of a memoir. We believe this could be the most successful memoir in history." 

The book was the first of two books to be written by the former First Lady of the United States in what was thought to be a USD$60 million deal. 

Michelle may not be in the White House anymore but it's certainly clear that she's far from done when it comes to impacting people's lives. 

Now, find out which iconic novel is getting a sequel some 30 years later...

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