eL Seed to launch new book ‘Lost Walls’ at Art Dubai

eL Seed to launch new book ‘Lost Walls’ at Art Dubai

Highlighting Tunisia's fascinating culture and history

Image: Ruth Bradley Consulting

Buro 24/7 Middle East presents exclusive behind-the-scenes images from eL Seed’s new novel ‘Lost Walls’, set to make its worldwide preview at Art Dubai

Earlier this month, talented French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed told Buro 24/7 Middle East all about his calligraffiti career, revealing details of his upcoming book Lost Walls.

For the project, eL Seed highlighted that last summer he, "Spent one month in Tunisia, travelling from North to South, East to West, stopping in small cities, meeting people and painting walls that tells the story of those people." The adventure helped in shaping Lost Walls – in which eL Seed documents his experience painting 24 structures in his home country.

Through the new book, eL Seed hopes to portray a different image of Tunisia. "Since the revolution people now only link the country to politics. There has been governmental change of course, but the culture and history is still there, and the focus should be on all of this beauty instead. I want to bring people back to Tunisia to discover the heritage that is left and lost there, just like the Lost Walls," he revealed.

At Art Dubai next month, Lost Walls is set to make its worldwide preview, with a dedicated Art Talk between eL Seed and Jeffrey Deitch – the title's preface author – planned.


Art Dubai runs from March 19–22

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