Discover Megan Hess' new book, Paris: Through a Fashion Eye

Discover Megan Hess' new book, Paris: Through a Fashion Eye

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Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Amazon

Australian illustrator Megan Hess has just launched a new book and it draws us to one of the world's most-loved fashion cities. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Amazon is releasing another illustrated guide by Australian illustrator Megan Hess and it's a must-see. Continuing on from her series of Through a Fashion Eye, the author created a second tomb, which will take her viewers on a stylish journey through Paris. In an exclusive interview with Buro 24/7 Middle East's Editor in Chief, Shannon Wylie, Megan Hess explained that: "For every book I've done, I've chosen something I'm really passionate about," and now the artist highlights the best (and most fashionable) places to experience Parisian culinary, shopping and personal favourites in the must-have guide. 

Take a look inside the Paris: Through a Fashion Eye book now...

Paris: Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess will be available at on October 17, 2017. Now, take a look through Dries Van Noten's new book, Dries Van Noten 51-100

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