Book of the week: Loewe

Book of the week: Loewe


Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Loewe

Launched alongside the grand opening of its Madrid boutique, the new Loewe book showcases the essence of what makes the maison stand out.

Luxury label Loewe has published a new self-titled book that takes a look at the maison's 170 year history. Edited by famed publication expert Luis Venegas, the book intriguingly does not follow any typical format, instead opting to simply focus on the unique personality of the brand. "It's not about making clear, linear connections," said Venegas. "It's just our favourite side of Loewe, what we think makes it different from any other house, all put into
 a book filled with images I fell in love with. It's quite subjective."

Given artistic freedom by the brand's Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, Venegas pored over a massive collection of materials, carefully selecting what truly reflects the brand and which offers an insight into its future. "I wanted Luis to go through our archives and decide what is relevant, with
 that very sharp, uncommon eye that he has," shared Anderson. "He has unearthed some incredible things that show how the language of what we're doing at the house now, has always been there. I could not be happier."

Take a peek inside the Loewe book now...

Loewe book

Loewe book

The Loewe book is priced at Dhs490 and is now available at Now, read about the first volume of Dior's epic encyclopedia, Dior by Christian Dior.

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