5 antique books to have on your iPad

5 antique books to have on your iPad

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Rare antique books are given new life in the digital era

Founded in 2011, art publisher Michael Mack, bookseller John Ko and designer Jean-Michel Dentan, created the digital publisher MAPP. What sets the publishers apart from the rest is that all of the books that MAPP sell have been adapted for reading and viewing on the iPad.

The valuable publications were collected from the best libraries and museums around the world and then digitilised. The publishers believe that the outstanding illustrations are entitled to a digital ongoing life, therefore focused on books with lots of photos, collages and illustrations. The publisher also sells modern books, but the most interesting ones wont be found in your nearest bookstore:

1. Royal cookbook, Patrick Lamb (1710) 

Antique books for iPad

Patrick Lamb (circa 1650-1708)

A royal chef, who prepared at the court of Mary II and King William III,  Lamb was the chief cook of the British court in the late seventieth century. His recipes of biscuits, puddings, and soups were enjoyed at St. James's Palace, Hampton Court and Windsor Castle. The book includes 29 illustrations detailing how to create tables for weddings, coronations and balls. 


2. Voyage en Italie et à la Riviera (1891)

Antique books for iPad

An illustrated magazine that gives a detailed description of a 12-day trip to Italy and the French Riviera in 1891. Daily handwritten reports on the French route - Turin, Genoa, San Remo, Bordighera, Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon and Arles. Most interesting is that the author of this handwritten gem is unknown, but there is a touching dedication to his parents, who paid for the trip.


3.  The Chinese drama - L.C Arlington (1930)

Antique books for iPad

An extensive study of the Dramatic Arts of China, which includes 115 colour lithographic plates with costumes of actors, stage makeup and music scores. Most of the images are accompanied by notes in English and Chinese. The author of the study served in the customs and postal administration in China from 1879 to the end of the 1930s, and was fond of the history of China. His other works are devoted to old Beijing and Chinese plays. 


4. A Royal Engineer in India (1894)

Antique books for iPad

A photo album about the life of British military engineers in India, who were there during several incidents including a dam failure in the state of Garhwal. On August 25, 1894 water flooded the city of Srinagar, but thanks to the engineers and timely notification, the day before the accident the city had managed to be evacuated, minimising casualties, the photo credits are unknown.


5. Atlas photographique de la Lune (1896-1910)

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'Atlas photographique de la Lune' is considered the ultimate achievement of nineteenth century astronomical photography. The atlas is comprised of 71 photographs that together map the moons surface. Completed over 14 years between 1896 and 1910, complete sets of all 12 booklets, which are highly prized by collectors, are extremely rare. 

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