Abu Dhabi is set to become a literature hub

Abu Dhabi is set to become a literature hub

It's a book thing

Image: Abu Dhabi Book Fair

With a focus on promoting literacy in the UAE, Abu Dhabi's International Book Fair is setting a precedent for the literature scene in the UAE

This is one for the book lovers in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair will take place between April 30 and May 5 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Accommodating 1025 exhibitors from 50 countries, the Book Fair exhibits over 500,000 titles each year, highlighting a flourishing market as well as huge potential for new business opportunities, with the city offering important access to industry professionals from across the board, as well as key market players in the MENA region. Abu Dhabi is quickly becoming a hub for the Arab book trade, as well as an essential meeting ground for booksellers, distributors and publishers from the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.

The book fair will host an array of seminars and panel discussions, run by experts in the industry, to provide an in-depth insight into the field of publishing in the Middle East and wider Arab world, with a strong focus on the Arab book market and rights trading policies. There will also be panel discussions on the evolution of the publishing industry to a digital platform, with programmes surrounding the sphere of social networking and digital publishing.

Professional programmes feature high on the list at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, fostering a progressive outlook where culture meets commerce – seating the publishing industry comfortably in between. Reading and literacy are high on the agenda, and the government is invesing heavily in this sector, with developments moving quickly.

With a focal theme each year, 2014 sees Sweden as the destination in the limelight, with over 20 guests providing a taste of Swedish cultural initiatives: authors, poets, artists, and illustrators making up a truly literary mix for UAE audiences to enjoy.

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