Working Process: Alexander McQueen Dubai exhibition

Working Process: Alexander McQueen Dubai exhibition

By Nick Walpington

Text: Chloe Allan

Image: Getty Images and Tate Museum

Nick Walpington photographed the wonderful world of McQueen back in 2007, which is now being showcased in Dubai. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Working Process, the title of the iconic book published by British photographer Nick Walpington back in 2009 is an in-depth documented diary of the making of Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter '09 collection. Now, that book is being transformed into a photographic exhibition.

Back in 2007, Lee Alexander McQueen welcomed Walpington into the mysterious world of his eponymous British label. Here he was allowed access into every detail of the designer's creative process, including what would be his final Fall '09 collection and runway show 'Horn of Plenty'.

The photographic journey was inspired by McQueen re-visting his fifteen-year-long design career, in which the designer looked back at some of his oldest and favourite creations. This resulted in a recylcing of fashion, transforming them into something completely new. When the process was finished, Walpington and McQueen both creatively edited the images, which took them from landfill sites and recycling plants from Nottinghamshire, England to the Negev Desert in Israel.

 Working Progress by Alexander McQueen and Nick Walpington

The book was released in 2013, following Lee Alexander McQueen's death in 2010, revealing a very special and unique relationship between the designer, his brand and of course, Nick Walpington.

Working Process is now showing until March 3 at East Wing, Limestone House, DIFC, Dubai. 

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