Three international artists unite for Cuadro Gallery's Urban Reflections

Three international artists unite for Cuadro Gallery's Urban Reflections

Capturing today's urban development and decay

Image: Cuadro Gallery

Urban Reflections will showcase unique photographs of city seascapes, pictures of historic buildings mirrored on futuristic skyscrapers and disarrayed satellite images, all by three different artists

On April 29 Cuadro Gallery in Dubai will unveil Urban Reflections, a new photography exhibition that will bring together a trio of international artists observing and cataloguing our changing urban landscapes.

Zeinab Al Hashemi, Vikram Divecha and Nadine Kanso look through the lens at the evolution and deterioration of different cities, uniquely documenting both transition and nostalgia. 

Zeinab Al Hashemi, in her inaugural exhibition, presents a series entitled 'Urban Phantasmagoria', in which satellite images of the Abu Dhabi landscape are transformed to form kaleidoscope patterns. The resulting pictures, display disconnected bridges and misdirected roads, and reimagine the struggles of transformation rooted in rapidly evolving urban centres.  

Vikram Divecha, the recent winner of the Middle East Emergent Artist Prize, will display his latest series entitled 'Variable Memories'. The artist photographs the glossy windows of modern skyscrapers in Dubai capturing in them the reflections of older buildings. The images document the past on a modern canvas while foreseeing the trajectory of city urbanization.

Nadine Kanso will present a photographic exploration of Beirut seascapes entitled 'What If'. The black and white images memorialise the city while the composition captures its conflicted history, seizing both its potential rise and ruin.

Director of Cuadro Gallery, Roberto Lopardo, stated, "As twenty-first century urbanization marches ever forward in seemingly endless pursuit of all that is modern, many nuances of the old and traditional are swept aside. Urban Reflections brings together three inspiring artists whose works reflect on what is being lost and at what cost."

Urban Reflections will run from April 29 to May 17 at Cuadro Gallery, Dubai.