Tryano's nutcracker competition empowers Emirati women

Tryano's nutcracker competition empowers Emirati women

Abu Dhabi art initiative

Image: Tryano

Middle Eastern women have their say as part of Tryano's first competition, with one finalist saying: "I designed a female Emirati character because Emirati women are strong women and they will do whatever it takes." Discover the must-see installation art now...

Tryano have just revealed the winners of their inaugural Nutcracker competition, which sees a series of 10 two-metre high, three dimension nutcrackers, each individually designed by women from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The art initiative was designed to attract the local arts community, leading to: "Magnificent works, which showcase a range of creativity, vivid imagination and attention to detail," said Kathryn O'Reilly, Head of Marketing at Tryano and judge of the Bespoke Abu Dhabi competition"Abu Dhabi, as an emirate is working very hard to become the regional reference for art and art is a natural tie-in for us because Tryano is a homegrown concept built in the Middle East for the Middle East," continued O'Reilly.

"It's important for Emirati women to be empowered to achieve beyond the borders of the usual. It was important for us to give them a platform that truly enables them to have complete freedom and latitude to show their voice and share their vision with no restrictions other than some general guidelines. These young women have such a clear and precise point of view and they are very proud of who they are, where they come from, their local traditions and customs."

Fatima Ali, 19, is a university student and one of the 10 winners chosen to bring her nutcracker to life. Speaking about the inspiration behind her design, Ali says: "I designed a female Emirati character because I feel like nutcrackers are mostly soldiers or men. It's not about being a feminist but I really wanted to be different and unique and create something that is related to UAE. I think Emirati women are strong women and they will do whatever it takes."

Discover Fatima Ali's nutcracker below, along with designs by Romy Ravindran, Salma Ali, Edgar Faustino, Aanchal Jaggi, Saniya Mussinova, Aisha Al Blooshi, Aisha Al Romaithi, Sara Ahli and Gemma Jung-Min Lee...

The Tryano Nutcrackers, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority, are set to be auctioned off on November 20. "All proceeds are going to a local charity, as a reminder that we are still in the year of giving," confirmed O'Reilly. Also, don't miss Tryano's nod for the Best Retail Design in the 2017 Index Architecture & Design Awards.

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