#Trending: Buro 24/7 Middle East columinists explore the rise of digital media on canvas

#Trending: Buro 24/7 Middle East columinists explore the rise of digital media on canvas

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Buro 24/7 Middle East's resident columnists and Emergeast founders explore the rise of digital art, how it manifests in the Middle Eastern art scene and what it means for collectors…

August comes to an unfortunate end for many with the sunshine and al fresco time winding down, not to fret! September is gearing up for the start of the art season – keeping us culturally inclined and needless to say, wined...

As September revs into motion, we take a look at an art medium Emergeast has seen trending and set to take center stage as the new art form for young collectors to turn their attention to. 

Digital art is trending and the use of digital methods in the creation of art has become more and more prolific.  The term 'new media' is used to describe these methods, due to artists using the latest in new technologies as well as being the most recent media after painting, sculpture and photography.

Digital art as a medium has been making the rounds in forms of video, virtual installations and digitally enhanced images with the help of the trusted computer. It is no surprise the seasoned artist has taken to the digital sphere to manifest their thoughts and creativity as the digital realm offers an excess of opportunities to stretch one's imagination. Truth be told, art commonly refers to the more traditional forms of media such as painting and photography – yet, digital compilations have managed to provide artists today with the necessary tools to address and aesthetically enhance their artistic production to a wider audience beyond their paintbrush. 

Вigital Media on Canvas

Monther Jawabreh, established painter takes his art into the digital realm

For the third culture kid (the 'globalised local' so to speak), digital art has resonated quite highly. In Middle Eastern art terms, digital art has been the answer to combine the notion of East meets west in one frame. The result? Artworks that encapsulate the historical and the traditional through current means, hence, a collective representation of present times. 

#Trending: Buro 24/7 Middle East columinists explore the rise of digital media on canvas (фото 1)

Nic Courdy, Palestinian-American artist, fuses past and present artworks digitally

The use of digital media has defined the profile of artists as their main and preferred mode of creative expression. Take Sudanese artist Khalid Albaih, Khalid rose to fame through his digital cartoons reflecting the on goings during the Arab Spring – four years later Khalid's prints are collected by the region's most esteemed collectors. The artist's digital compilations have captured key events and dialogue in sketches and characitures that have become iconic representations of Khalid Albaih the artist.

Вigital Media on Canvas

Khalid Albaih's iconic digital works 

Cue: But how is it an original artwork? This question falls prey to the common misconceptions about digital art: "I'm not into prints" "How is it a collectible when the artist can print many of the same" "Why would I buy a digital artwork when I can buy an original?" The answer to all these questions lie in the fact that digital art can be limited to a collectible and thus an original artwork as artists sign and edition their limited edition prints! What does this mean? There are only a limited number of the artworks printed by the artist that will be in circulation - hence each piece retains and accrues value over time. Sound familiar? Photography, a respected and traditional art medium functions very similarly. 

#Trending: Buro 24/7 Middle East columinists explore the rise of digital media on canvas (фото 2)

Khalid Al Baih ,Arab Spring

As our region's artists proliferate, so does their artistic production and means of which they manifest their art. As recipients of creative developments and progressions, it is necessary for us, as the wider community, to support the arts that embrace such new media laden with thought-provoking subjects. Digital is the new black anyone?

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