Lara Zankoul's 'The Unseen' at the Ayyam Gallery in Beirut

Lara Zankoul's 'The Unseen' at the Ayyam Gallery in Beirut

Conceptual images by the Lebanese photographer

Image: Ayyam Gallery

Inventing anonymous, timeless characters, Lara Zankoul’s work is a fantastical adventure

The dreamlike compositions of Lebanese photographer Lara Zankoul are like contemporary explorations of the charm and mystery of the human psyche... Whimsical and playful, the 26-year-old's imagination represents an attempt to invent new worlds, to push against the boundaries of our reality and escape everyday life.

In her upcoming second solo exhibition at the Ayyam Gallery Beirut entitled The Unseen, Zankoul presents elaborately composed real-size photographs; two visions within one viewing experience – commenting not only on the surface of things, but also on what may lie hidden beneath. 

The twelve photographs each display that which is known, and hint at that which is slowly revealed to be the truth through distorted perspective on the natural order, space and time. Each photograph uses a water tank to divide the surface above water and the space below, with the state of truth is to be found just under the surface. 


The Unseen runs February 10 to March 30 find out more on the Ayyam Gallery website.