The Montblanc M mixes tradition with innovation

The Montblanc M mixes tradition with innovation

Famous Arabic landmarks art exhibition

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Montblanc is a name synonymous with fine writing so what better way to launch its new M writing instrument than to pay homage to Arabic calligraphy.

For Montblanc's latest launch, eight artists from eight cities in the GCC were invited to showcase their calligraphy artwork, each one depicting something significant from their country to be displayed as an art exhibition throughout the GCC.

Using the new instrument, designed by influential designer Marc Newson, each artist chose prominent landmarks for their pieces and these included the Burj Khalifa in Dubai; the white-domed Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the historical Bab Al Bahrain building in Bahrain and the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh.

"Every single artwork is a presentation of that city," said Eric Vergnes, President of Montblanc Middle East, India and Africa. "Calligraphy is part of a tradition and part of local culture. How do we explore calligraphy with a modern twist? We approached a group of artists and the brief was quite simple: Do what you do best, and don't be afraid to break the boundaries."

One of the artists, Hamda Al Hshemi from the UAE, shared her decision to depict the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. "When you think of Abu Dhabi, many relate the city to different commercial buildings. Sheikh Zayed Mosque reflects the culture and tradition of the UAE. The colours that I chose are the colours of the UAE as well, the words on the artwork are actually a poem by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid called Glory of the UAE.

Emirati Ali Kashwani recalls the experience of using the M instrument, which is redefining the culture of writing. "It was a bit difficult in the beginning because the Montblanc M is designed to write the English alphabet but we use Arabic. But once we were used to it, it was really smooth."

Montblanc M is available in the Fountain Pen (Dhs2085), Rollerball (Dhs1470) and Ballpoint Pen (Dhs1470) and all are available at Montblanc retailers worldwide.