Watch now: A vandilised Rothko painting restored by the Tate

Watch now: A vandilised Rothko painting restored by the Tate

Iconic graffiti art

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Image: Time

A Mark Rothko painting that was vandalised at London's Tate Modern gallery went back on public view last week after the first-ever effort to take graffiti ink off a major artwork without damaging the piece

The Tate Modern in London has a released a 17-minute short film documenting the impressive restoration of Mark Rothko's Black on Maroon painting from 1958. The iconic art piece was vandalised in October 2012 by an aspiring artist who scrawled 'Vladimir Umanets '12, A Potential Piece of Yellowism' in a lower corner.

The painting is now back on display at the Tate Modern, following 18 months of intensive work by the conservation team and colleagues at Tate.

"Over nine months the team researched methods for removing the ink from the delicate paint layers, using special test canvases to assess the appropriate solvents and cleaning methods," reads the film's description.

Rothko's paintings were notoriously difficult to restore because of their complex and unique paint, which is made up of layers of oils, pigments, resins, glues and egg.

Watch the interesting video below, now: