Tashkeel presents 'Systems for a Score' this month in Dubai

Tashkeel presents 'Systems for a Score' this month in Dubai

A visual exploration of language and sound

Image: Jerry Barloch 2014
Image: Fari Bradley,
Chris Weaver 2014

Image: The Portsmouth Group

This January, mid-point in their 11-month New Media Artist residency programme at Tashkeel, Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver will present 'Systems for a Score', a new exhibition based on visual language and its relation to sound via installation, sculpture and collaborative action within the space it's in...

Running from January 8 until February 14, Tashkeel will be host to media artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver's first solo exhibition in the region. The artistic duo have constructed a possible grammar of sound art, taking it from its physical through to non-apparent principles, as they reiterate sound across divergent forms, from the material to the social (such as sculptures and a recording studio).

"Sound is used as a semantic tool and structuring device with which to deconstruct and formulate coded images, sculpture and video," explained artist Weaver. The beauty of sound is the defining feature of several sculptural works in Systems for a Score, whilst others silently prompt an aural concept or experience in the mind of the viewer.  

Systems for a Score

"Sound art works to an unprecedented set of scores, inspiration for form appears everywhere. Yet currently the language of sound, determined by subjective imagination and context, still enjoys a fluid space within the arts. As it is still relatively 'new', it is in a period of self (re)definition," adds Bradley.

The central installation, A Model Studio, also adds a social aspect to the unique exhibition, creating a space for a new experience, as they collaborated with different musicians and artists in the UAE for the special piece. Systems for a Score challenges how people understand listening as a sensory experience organised by context, exploring how sound can be used to outline the invisible. 

Systems for a Score will be running from January 8 to February 14 at Tashkeel in Dubai