Sold: 'Balloon Dog' by Jeff Koons

Sold: 'Balloon Dog' by Jeff Koons

Pop goes the art auction

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Christie's set a new record this week for its sale of a triptych by Francis Bacon in New York. On the same night, a 'Balloon Dog' by Jeff Koons was sold for 58.4 million dollars.

The height of the giant dog is approximately three metres, and it weighs a ton. The steel sculpture, polished to a mirror finish, forms part of a series of 'Balloon Dogs' that Koons created under the influence of his great love for children's balloons.


Balloon Dog.

'Coca-Cola' by Andy Warhol

Jeff Koons was named this year as the second greatest American artist after Andy Warhol, however during this particular sale at Christie's he ranked higher than his great predecessor. If the Koons' 'Balloon Dog' was the second winning lot of the auction after Bacon's triptych, the 'Coca-Cola' by Andy Warhol was the third. The silkscreen was sold for 57.2 million dollars, though it was initially estimated at 60 million. 

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