Sipho Mabona creates a life-size origami masterpiece

Sipho Mabona creates a life-size origami masterpiece

A gentle giant

Video: YouTube
Image: Design Boom

Sipho Mabona uses the ancient folding technique of origami to create his most recent art piece, a full-scale paper elephant

The traditional Japanese art of Origami comes from 'ori' meaning folding, and 'kami' meaning paper — a creative skill which started in the 17th century AD — and which Swiss artist Sipho Mabona has turned into his preferred form of art work. 

The 'White Elephant', which stands more than three metres tall, was created with just a single sheet of white paper measuring 15 by 15 metres, forming a larger than life volume from a two-dimensional surface.

"There is no limit in origami," revealed Mabona on his masterpiece which is currently on display at KKLB in Switzerland. 

The artist was captured on video as he created the massive mammal with the help of ten assistants, who folded the strips of the colossal sheet of paper.

Watch the artist's creation come to life below now:


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