The Royal Academy of Arts launch a pioneering architecture exhibit in London

The Royal Academy of Arts launch a pioneering architecture exhibit in London

'Sensing Spaces' opens this weekend

Image: Royal Academy of Arts

Architects from Portugal, Chile and Japan to exhibit their take on space

The Royal Academy of Arts in London has announced a new architectural exhibition entitled Sensing Spaces. Portuguese Alvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura, Japenese Kengo Kuma and other esteemed architects have filled the halls of the museum with buildings constructed of wood, concrete and bamboo.

Chilean constructional architectural bureau Pezo von Ellrichshausen, for example, presents a 'viewing platform': walking along its upper floor, visitors can see the luxury ceilings of the Royal Academy of Arts like never before. Four columns conceal spiral staircases, which lead to a viewing platform.

Royal academy translation

Architect Kengo Kuma from Kanagawa, Japan  - who is known for his work with Sake No Hana in St James's, London - is displaying his works in two of the hallways in the academy, all exploring the traditions of Japanese minimalism. The architect has filled two blacked out galleries with filigree structures of woven bamboo, subtly lit from below they look almost ghostly. The effect of the bamboo is not just visual - the shoots also emit a scent, which fills the first room with a tatami aroma and the second with cedar.

Royal academy translation

Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura has added a pair of concrete arches to two galleries in the exhibition. Created from a high performance reinforced concrete, the arches are positioned at an angle that line up with buildings outside of the gallery.

"This installation is about the permanence of form and continuity in architecture," Souto de Moura told at the press launch.


The 'Sensing Spaces' exhibition opens at The Royal Academy of Arts from January 25 to April 6.

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