Opening soon: Multi-medium art exhibition 1497

Opening soon: Multi-medium art exhibition 1497

A group exhibition

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Green Art Gallery

Get ready to explore the meaning of a home as these regional and international artists challenge the perception of homeliness.

Green Art Gallery presents 1497, a group exhibition curated by Lantian Xie. Featuring works by regional and international artists including Saudi Raja'a Khalid and Dubai-based UBIK, the exhibition sees a multitude of interpretations of homeliness.

In this exhibition, different kinds of mediums are used, from images and scents to texts and objects. It may seem random but on closer inspection, each artwork follows the same subject thread, with each one alluding to a home in which history has taken place: houses with roofs on fire, a greenhouse filled with tropical plants, an orphaned balcony, scattered threads, a soup made from stone, and even chapters pulled from books not yet written. 

Amidst the familiarity of a home, every piece manages to depict a feeling of being adrift, and highlights the difference between being at home and feeling at home.

Opening soon: Multi-medium art exhibition 1497 (фото 1)

1497 will run from January 18 to March 6, 2016 at Green Art Gallery, Al Serkal Avenue.