Now open: 'Face to Face' art exhibition

Now open: 'Face to Face' art exhibition

Beauty in diversity

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: La Galerie Nationale

Immersive, engaging and interactive, a new exhibition urges self-discovery, for both artist and visitor. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

La Galerie Nationale presents a new group exhibition by five diverse artists. Titled Face to Face, the new show includes artworks from Fred Kleinberg, Philippe Pasqua, Pierre-Marie Lejeune, Katia Traboulsi and Arnaud Rivieren.

Artwork by Philippe Pasqua

"I am excited with the quality and breadth of the art series in our group exhibition," said Guillaume Cuiry, Founder of La Galerie Nationale. "I called it Face to Face as it evokes a particular vision on a series of paintings and objects where the visitor's eye is captured at two levels. First, an approach with a humanistic interrogative perception with the portrait series realised by artists of a sudden sensitivity. Secondly, these works are an invitation to personal reflection, sometimes disturbing for the visitor, in a pure aesthetic, creating an impact that is both light and strong."

Artwork by Katia Traboulsi

The group of artists consist of painters and sculptors, and while the masterpieces are varied, clever integration allows them to be cohesive and collaborative, exploring one common theme and urging the viewer to be a part of this journey of self-exploration.

Artwork by Fred Kleinberg

Face to Face runs until May 14, 2016, at La Galerie Nationale, Dubai.

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