Available now: The Met offers images of artworks for free

Available now: The Met offers images of artworks for free


Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: The Met

It's official! The Met has made its artwork images available to the public, allowing for instant and easy access to coveted masterpieces.

With the adoption of a new policy named Open Access, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) has effectively allowed free and unrestricted access to images of its artworks. While the move currently involves public-domain artworks only, these still amount to over 375,000 images of masterpieces that stretch back five millennium.

"In our digital age, the Museum's audience is not only the 6.7 million people who visited The Met's three locations in New York City this past year, but also the three-billion-plus internet-connected individuals around the world," said Loic Tallon, The Met's Chief Digital Officer. "Adopting the CC0 (Creaive Commons Zero) designation for our images and data is one of the most effective ways the Museum can help audiences gain access to the collection and further its use by educators and students, artists and designers, professionals and hobbyists, as well as creators of all kinds."

To explore the downloadable images from The Met, visit Also, discover  Google's new initiative with the British Fashion Council.

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