Must-watch: Tiffany & Co.'s New Ways of Seeing

Part 1

Text: Shannon Wylie

Video: Tiffany & Co.

What is art? That is the question Tiffany & Co. have explored in a new short film featuring art critic Jerry Saltz...

Increasingly fashion brands are becoming the initiators of important cultural projects: Fendi restored a fountain, Tod's restored a monumentGucci restored old films, and now jewellery house Tiffany & Co. have launched an educational video project, aptly titled New Ways of Seeing. The five part series dedicated to art, is part of an ongoing project in the lead up to the Whitney Biennial next year.

Part one of the short films has now been released and sees New York Magazine's Senior Art Critic Jerry Saltz as the narrator. Here he talks about Botticelli and Duchamp, before engaging with contemportary artists Shantell Martin, Oliver Jeffers and Kehinde Wiley. Watch the video above now!

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