Jeff Koons accused of plagiarism for the second time this month

Jeff Koons accused of plagiarism for the second time this month

New artistic accusations

This week, Jeff Koons is being accused by the wife of the late-great Parisian photographer Jean-François Bauret for plagiarism in regards to the American artist’s 'Naked' sculpture

Included in his 1988 exhibition Banality, the artwork in question is Jeff Koons' Naked sculpture which consists of a nude boy and girl standing side-by-side holding a small bouquet of flowers. 

Now, Claude Bauret-Allard, the wife of Jean-François Bauret, has come forth to state the American artist plagiarised her husband's photograph that shares a similar resemblance. The woman, has reached out to both Koons and the Centre Pompidou in Paris where it was expected to be a part of a retrospective installation, however she has yet to hear a response from them. 

On December 17, the contemporary artist was also accused of copying a 1985 advertisement for French clothing brand Naf Naf. The Frenchman who created the ad in question, Franck Davidovici, claimed that Koons' 1988 sculpture Fait d'Hiver is a reproduction of his own work, with him likely to pursue legal action against Koons.   


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