Jeddah Art Week: Edition #1 including Banksy and Damien Hirst

Jeddah Art Week: Edition #1 including Banksy and Damien Hirst

A contemporary exhibition of 100+ artworks

Edge Of Arabia Projects announces a partnership and participation with the inaugural edition of Jeddah Art Week, with a stellar gallery exhibit

With its first exhibition dedicated to international fine art, printmaking and collage, Jeddah Art Week 'Edition #1' brought together over 100 iconic works by 35 artists from Europe, America and the Middle East.

The event followed the international success of Edge of Arabia Projects – a company specialising in commissioning, publishing and distributing contemporary fine art prints. In line with Edge of Arabia's mission, this new Jeddah Art Week concept aims to reach out across geographical, political and religious borders, and in doing so, share the artists' messages and visions with new audiences.

Editon #1 at Jeddah Art Week

Thorgerson 'Dark side 30t'

A full list of celebrated names showing at the fair included artists such as Sama Alshaibi, Ahmad Angawi, Mahmoud Bakhsi, Banksy, Huda Beydoun, Peter Blake, Ian Chamberlain, Safwan Dahoul, Peter Doig, Ron English, Brad Faine, Abdulnasser Gharem, Damien Hirst, Invader, Anish Kapoor, Yazan Khalili, Roberto Longo, Francesca Lowe, Ahmed Mater, Antony Micallef, Athier, Marc Quinn, Walid Raad, Saeed Salem, Faisal Samra, Justine Smith, Storm Thorgerson, Todd James, Shaweesh, Michael Muller & Sage Vaughn and 3D.

Editon #1 at Jeddah Art Week

Editon #1 at Jeddah Art Week

Saeed Salem 'Neonland III'

A range of partner galleries were involved in the successful exhibit, such as The Ayyam Gallery, CCA Galleries, Dark Matter, EOA.PROJECTS, The Outsiders, Paul Stolper, Riflemaker and Weng Contemporary.

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