Jeddah Art Week: 'Calligraffiti' mural by eL Seed

Jeddah Art Week: 'Calligraffiti' mural by eL Seed

Combining traditional Arab art with modern influences

Image: Jeddah Art Week

'Calligraffiti' artist eL Seed creates the mural 'Poetic Ballad' in Jeddah's Old Town

This week was the launch of the 2nd edition of Jeddah Art Week (JAW), a six day festival celebrating the best of the contemporary arts from Saudi Arabia and beyond. 

French-Tunisian artist eL Seed's latest work combines graffiti with traditional Arabic calligraphy creating a unique street art that he calls 'Calligrafitti'. The artist hopes that his work will bring people together and change the attitudes towards intolerance and extremism.

eL Seed's latest art piece, 'Poetic Ballad' is a painted mural in the Old Town of Jeddah, inspired by the poetry of a young Saudi Arabian poet, it is a vibrant and dramatic display of pink and black 'Calligraffiti' descending from the side of a concrete building.

The artist uses local context and culture to raise awareness about the rich cultural heritage of the area and the need to restore and preserve it. Five local graffiti artists also helped in creating the mural, which took over two days to complete.

Jeddah Art Week runs until February 6.

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