Sharjah's Maraya Art Centre to host 'Islamopolitan' exhibition

Sharjah's Maraya Art Centre to host 'Islamopolitan' exhibition

An infused world of Islam and design

Image: Maraya Art Centre

'Islamopolitan' is a new exhibition that will be held at the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah from June 4 to August 23, inviting designers from around the world to participate, with submissions now open

The proposed exhibition, Islamopolitan, aims to highlight the universal topic and dialogue between Islam and design, not only from a decorative angle, but from a holistic perspective.

Curated by Emirati designer Khalid Shafar and Italian artist Giuseppe Moscatello, the exhibition will feature artworks by emerging and established UAE based, regional and international designers, who's work is inspired by Islam as a design subject, rather than religious classification.

Themes relating to worship, architecture and behaviors will be explored both curatorially and artistically, creating a special focus on practice, construction and etiquette.

Islamopolitan exhibition


The aim of this unique display is to create design journeys that will reflect on form and functionality from newly commissioned and exsiting works by designers.

Until April 12 designers from around the globe can participate in the initiative by submitting their proposals to the Maraya Art Centre. All proposals will be reviewed and studied in place with the curatorial aims of the exhibition.

Islamopolitan will be running from June 4 to August 23. For more information on submissions visit the official website here.