Darat al Funun celebrates its 25th year with 'HIWAR: Conversations in Amman'

Darat al Funun celebrates its 25th year with 'HIWAR: Conversations in Amman'

A dynamic home for art and artists from the Arab world

The non-profit art space in Jordan’s capital is celebrating 25 years of being a unique hub to visual arts with 'HIWAR: Conversations in Amman', an exhibition, residencies and talks program

To celebrate its 25th year, the Amman art hub Darat al Funun, has organised HIWAR, an exhilarating showcase of all things artistic as they bring together 14 artists from around the Arab world, Africa, Asia and Latin America to Amman for residencies culminating in an exhibition that opened in November 2013 and that will be running until April 30th of this year.

HIWAR (meaning conversation in Arabic) was born out of the necessity to promote exchanges between artists from the margins, not solely by contrasting their works in an exhibition or publication format, but also by giving them the possibility to learn from one anothers practices and experiences.

Curated by Darat al Funun's Brazilian artistic director, Adriano Pedrosa – who has also curated numerous international exhibitions including co-curating the 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011) – HIWAR brings an intense creative platform to the Middle East. With a small number of artists spending a month in Amman, they develop conversations between each other and get to discuss and display their artwork. 

There is no all-encompassing theme or concept linking the artists and their works in the exhibition. The artist's geo-cultural origins and positions will be the main feature as Darat al Funun hosts 14 artists-in-residence from all over the world, as well as pieces from 'The Khalid Shoman Collection' (one of the earliest collections dedicated exclusively to contemporary art of the Arab world). 

'HIWAR: Conversations' in Amman will be run until April 30 at Darat al Funun, Amman.