Hazem Mahdy's second solo exhibition at Dubai's Carbon 12

Hazem Mahdy's second solo exhibition at Dubai's Carbon 12

Presenting 'Atman' the soulful creations of an artist's psyche

Image: Carbon 12

This May, Dubai’s Carbon 12 gallery will unveil 'Atman', an exhibition by Hazem Mahdy that explores the world of existence through geometric and manipulated photographic pieces

UAE-raised Egyptian Hazem Mahdy will soon present his second solo exhibition at Carbon 12  in Dubai - from May 10 to June 10 ­- Atman will feature abstracted figurative photographs that constitute the geometric, yet intrinsically organic forms derived from the essence of the universe.

The Sanskirt word Atman has two meanings; the individual soul or essence and the essence that is eternal, unchanging, and indistinguishable from the essence of the universe ­- a message in which inspired Mahdy to create his latest pieces of hypnotic art.

The monochromatic imagery in Atman is both specific and ambiguous, as the artist uses forms that are familiar in their reference to fractal art and Islamic geometry, but made of segmented self-portraits of the artist: an arm, a hand.

Hazem Mahdy Atman exhibition

The works are an investigation into the innate connectedness of existence, allowing the viewer to recognise themselves in the artwork, as well as in the fundamental components of nature.

Mahdy's beautiful 3D-like images were produced through two seemingly contradictory elements, as he combines digitally produced designs with the natural aspects that create mankind, leaving the viewer enthralled in his graphic creations, drawing them closer to the many aspects of the human spirit and form. 


Atman will run from May 10 to June 10 at Carbon 12 gallery in Dubai.


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