Art Dubai announces Global Art Forum 8

Art Dubai announces Global Art Forum 8

The eighth year of cultural debate

Image: Art Dubai

Over 40 local and international contributors are set to participate in the eighth iteration of the Global Art Forum being held this year, titled ‘Meanwhile…History’

Art Dubai announces the programme of the eighth edition of the Global Art Forum. Presented this year by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), and held in partnership with the Office of Strategic Cultural Relations at Qatar Museums Authority, Global Art Forum 8 features participants from the worlds of art, architecture, film, literature, history, theatre and community. The leading information-sharing platform takes place over five days in both Doha and at Art Dubai - and is known for being one of the most innovative of arts conferences, worldwide.

This year, the forum specifically sets out to create an imagined timeline of turning points in history-significant decades, years or days that shifted an understanding of the world. The concept was conceived by Qatari artist and filmmaker Sophia Al-Mari, and it will also reflect on the philosophy and fiction of making history matter: each interview, discussion, presentation or commissioned project at Global Art Forum 8 is a point on this imagined timeline.

As a whole, the forum becomes a kind of journey through known and unknown histories, of critical change and seismic moments.

This year's proceedings have been programmed by writer Shumon Basar, curator-translator Omar Berrada and the artist and curator Ala Younis. It will also included new projects by the Gulf-based artists Sarah Abu Abdallah, Raja'a Khalid and Hind Mezaina.

Art Dubai unveils Global Art Forum 8

The event has been programmed by writer Shumon Basar; the curator-translator Omar Berrada, co-director of Dar al-Ma'mun in Marrakech, and the artist and curator Ala Younis.

Global Art Forum at Katara Arts Center, Doha from March 15-16 and at Art Dubai., Mina Al Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai from March 19-21