Gallery Ward introduces Egyptian artist Essam Marouf

Gallery Ward introduces Egyptian artist Essam Marouf

The creative talent's second display in Dubai

Image: Gallery Ward

Next month marks a highly anticipated opening at Gallery Ward in Dubai, showcasing the works of the talented and influential Egyptian artist

Creative talent Essam Marouf is back on the Middle East art scene by popular demand, after his work was first showcased last year. His upcoming solo exhibition will continue to challenge the mind, embarking on a journey into his subconscious to discover visions trapped within.

In his show, Marouf has found a way to recall some of the most persistent and pivotal recollections trapped in his memory. These are sometimes of people with faces filled with energy, others haunted by an unknown, or filled with gazes of hope, or even lost in the obscurity of tomorrow.

Through this exhibition, the curator brings forth the idea that we could find all of these conflicting impressions in Marouf's pieces, denoting the artist's extreme sensitivity and variation.


The exhibition at Gallery Ward will run from March 17 - April 20 

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